Welsh Short Mat Bowls Association

Cymdeithas Bowlio Mat Byr Cymru

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National organisations

bowlsclub.info http://www.bowlsclub.info
Bowls England website http://www.bowlsengland.com
English Short Mat Bowls Association http://www.esmba.co.uk
North-western Ireland Short Mat Bowls http://www.northwestbowls.co.uk
Welsh Bowls Federation http://www.welshbowlsfederation.org.uk


County organisations

Cardiganshire SMBA http://www.csmba.org
Cornwall County SMBA http://www.ccsmba.co.uk
East Sussex SMBA http://www.eastsussexsmba.co.uk
Kent SMBA http://www.ksmba.org.uk
Northamptonshire SMBA http://www.nsmba.fsnet.co.uk
North Yorkshire SMBA http://www.nysmba.com
Oxfordshire SMBA http://www.osmba.org.uk
Suffolk SMBA http://www.ssmba.org.uk
West Sussex County SMBA http://www.wscsmba.org
Worcestershire County SMBA http://wcsmba.tripod.com


Leisure links

Short Mat Holidays http://www.short-mat-holidays.com
Short Mat International Magazine http://www.short-mat-magazine.com
Virtual Library of Sport http://www.sportsvl.com
Warman Leisure Holidays http://www.wlhshortmatholidays.org.uk


Bowling equipment suppliers

BB Bowls http://www.secondhandusedbowls.co.uk/
Bond Bowls http://www.bondbowls.co.uk
Boston Bowls Supplies http://www.bostonbowls.co.uk
Bowlamania http://www.bowlamania.co.uk
Bowling Direct http://www.bowlingdirect.co.uk
Bowlsforsale.com http://www.bowlsforsale.com
The Bowls Shop http://thebowlsshop.com
The Bowls Warehouse http://www.thebowlswarehouse.com
Bowls World Ltd http://www.bowlsworld.co.uk
Bush Hill Bowls https://www.bushhillbowls.co.uk
D M Sports http://www.dmsportsequipment.co.uk
John Forsey Bowls http://www.johnforseybowls.co.uk
Julian Haines Bowls Shop https://shop.julianhainesbowls.uk
notonlyBowls http://www.notonlybowls.com
Potters Bowls Shop http://www.pottersbowls.com
SecondhandBowls http://www.secondhandbowls.co.uk
ShotBowl http://www.shotbowl.co.uk


International organisations

Belgian Short Mat Bowls Federation http://www.curvebowls.com/
Herentals Short Mat Bowls Club (Belgium) http://blog.seniorennet.be/smbcherentals
Irish Indoor Bowling Association http://www.iiba.co.uk
Manx Short Mat Bowls Association http://www.manxshortmatbowls.com/
Map of clubs' locations around the world http://www.frappr.com/shortmatbowls